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2013-07-22 - 12:46
Ultra all inclusive: Those, who made reservations to spend their leaves in Turkey in the past, sought for plenty of sunshine, many nice people, parties, lots of food and beverages as well as some culture.
  Over years, this “having a thoroughly carefree holiday” style is the success warranty of the development of tourism sector in Turkey. However, this complete package damaged the ecological and cultural roots of the country. For such consumption-based careless holiday style, the nature as well as people rather than tourists (yet) were paying for later on.

However, Turkey is an energetic and open-minded young country. Therefore, the counter-trend in the manner of holiday which ensures continuity for both people and nature to start to expand in the country lying in the Bosporus was only a matter of time. Those who rearrange the service that they offer in accordance with the culture and nature zone are family-run hotels, which are primarily operated on the basis of love.

The sustainable hotel GREEN Manolya Otel MARMARIS is a very special pearl, located on the Aegean Coast and offering tastes from uncooked vegetarian cuisine. İlyas Bublis, who is the founder and director of environmental organization GAIA, Join the green revolution, took over the operation of the hotel owned by his parents in the winter months of 2012/2013 and renewed the hotel completely, thus he implemented new benchmarks for the development of sustainable tourism improvement in the region. Stressing that repair of the building and garden facility in line with the ecological criteria is only beginning, environmental pioneer Bublis states that the matter in question is to reactivate the ecological environment smoothly, which requires time, but their guests may be the part of this transformation as of May 2013 so that he can carry out a pioneering work for the development of a promising tourism concept and for energizing an entire country.

The main product of a family-run sustainable hotel is that: Healthy diet, conscious living and rehabilitating and strengthening the body, spirit and mind through bringing together the humans and nature all the time. The current hotel manager İlyas Bublis and his team name this sustainability-concept weeks as ‘green your life’, which can be reserved.

The three phases have already been planned: detoxification, relaxing and vitalization. It can be made reservation for the detoxification weeks within the cycle of organism structure which is continuing in this hotel since its recent opening in May 2013. This will be followed by relaxing module in July and vitalization module in fall.

DETOX week consists of seven-day modules, which are built on each other and detoxify, give peace to the body, spirit and mind that are three planes of the human and re-fill these planes with energy smoothly: Coming together. Healing bath, Relaxing, Stabilization, Excitement and Transformation.

The focus of this week which is spent outdoor mostly consists of total weaver from food of animal origin and processed food, technical communication and spending time with media. This program supervised by physicians, yoga instructors, a cook of uncooked vegetarian cuisine and a meditation trainer is implemented in the nature in the selected places of Aegean Coast around Marmaris.

Meditation and Shaman circle exercises purify the mind; the nature tours and yacht excursions touch the spirit; the healing baths taken within the day and at night as well as eating uncooked vegetarian food cleans the organism, rendering it ready to take over a new life program within the conscious and careful unity of human and nature.

A health condition file prepared for the guests and the opportunity to continue benefit from the services of a specialist team at the end of Detox week ensures the integration of new life style which is exercised into the daily life.

GREEN Manolya Otel MARMARIS helps us to overcome our imaginary isolation from other people and the environment smoothly and makes a mark how to succeed to live together thanks to a new sustainability concept.
Sirinyer Mahallesi 138 Sok. No: 9 Marmaris, Türkei
E-mail: hotelmanolya@yahoo.de
Telephone: 0090 537 7458777
Fax: 0090 252 417 40 14


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